Ever Wonder Why "The Binghamton Elks Lodge" Uses This Plane For Their Lodge Pin?


When World War II Bond drives were in vogue, the Binghamton Elks Lodge sponsored them, contributing more than $150,000.00 themselves.

 One fighter plan, which scored knockout blows on the Third Reich, was a gift from the local Binghamton Elks Lodge.

 The Binghamton Elks Lodge sponsored war poster contests for high school students, and several Air Cadet recruiting drives. For 10 days each month the Binghamton Elks Lodge was used by the United States Induction Team. After physical examination, inductees were sworn in at the lodge and departed shortly thereafter from the nearby train station.

 In October, 1946 an Army magazine honored the Binghamton Elks Lodge for its contributions to the war effort. An Organization is able to survive only by its own merits. Despite heavy financial straits during the depression and the cost of countless charitable enterprises, The Elks Lodge of Binghamton principles of “Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love, and Fidelity” paid off.

 (The Binghamton Sun, Saturday, May 21, 1949)